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In the projects of our architects and interior designers, we will see how apartments from the architectural contexts of different eras, with styles and organization that often refer to classicism


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The renovation and modernization

The renovation and modernization interventions, as we will see, are based on the search for an integration between the characteristics of the original architecture and those of a contemporary interior design,

Kitchen of an old apartment

How the kitchen of an old apartment has been recovered from a renovation and furnishing intervention that aimed at integrating elements

The floor

The floor, for example, in black and white rectangular tiles, organized in an almost three-dimensional grid, alternates with the natural wood that embraces the horseshoe-shaped kitchen.

Bases with doors and drawers, in fact, move starting from the depth and geometric dimensions of the floor, to accompany the vertical development of the walls. The very sided ceilings, another feature dating back to the original architecture, are cleverly exploited with exposed shelves and white wall units,
Stephen Geist

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5 Reasons to Hire a Tour Guide in Australia

Whenever you decide to visit  a new city you love to go on a walk to get an inclination for the city and to sort out some way to get from point A to point B. The visits permit you to become familiar with the set of experiences and sights of the city. 

Once in a while these visits are free and you can pay your guide as much as you need. Sometimes there is a fixed cost. And you’re more than ready to pay if you love the tour. At this point they become a necessary piece of your trips. Anyway you might have understood that pre-planned visits sometimes fall short for your requirements.

australia guided tours can hugely affect your general experience, offering a total bundle for you to appreciate without contemplating objections or plans! Visitors are frequently left contemplating whether they should take a tour guide through a portion of Victoria’s notable day visit areas, or recruit a vehicle and drive themselves. We’ve spelt it out for you beneath, with 5 reasons why tours with guides will improve your experience!

Tour guides offer a much more memorable experience

With one of our tour guides, you’ll have a simpler time finding out about the numerous fabulous places that Victoria has to bring to the table. Our tour guides are hand-picked and widely prepared to convey Australian experiences. Their energy for the work and their knowledge will make your trip a memorable one!

You spend more time living in the moment instead of worrying about the directions

Australia is home to the absolute most tremendous drives, this being especially true for the Great Ocean Road. With the journey being a long and winding street, would you truly like to spend nearly your whole travel in your eyes stuck to the landing area? Another advantage is that on board our 24 seater transports, you’ll be situated somewhat higher than you would be in a vehicle, taking into consideration a surprisingly better view.

It’s a nice way to explore the place meet new people

With tour guides holding a maximum of 24 visitors, you’ll get the chance to meet new people from all over the globe. Take advantage of your tour guide by requesting for different spots to visit while in Melbourne, and guidance for your future trips.

Reduce environmental footprint

Travel together and help us to advance the sustainable travel industry! As a travel industry administrator whose essential capacity is to show guests to Melbourne the normal resources of our state, one has to pay attention to exceptionally the commitment to work in a supportable style and hence to do what they can to guarantee that their regular resources are kept up for people in the future – and guests. All things considered, we need to share the beauty of Australia for quite a while to come. Use a tour guide for such trips in Australia and make the most of your trip.


Renting for short and medium periods on Airbnb has now become an opportunity to enhance and enhance your property, but to be successful and make your guests feel at home , while giving them a unique experience, they cannot entrust us to improvisation. Instead, you need to prepare the house and take care of every detail with method and organization , from the rooms , to the style , to good communication with guests , to small and simple precautions that together make the difference.

  1. Making environments distinctive: guests are not simply looking for a place to stay, but an experience to live and remember. \atmosphere and make the rooms and the style of the house distinctive, playing with furnishings, lights, colors and objects. so that their choice falls on your real estate.
  2. The essentials: in a house to rent for short and medium periods, crockery and kitchen utensils cannot be missing, such as plates, glasses, pots, pans and cutlery, but also sheets, pillows, blankets and towels, as well as wi-fi internet , coffee pod machine, air conditioning or fans. In addition, it is also necessary to remember foreign guests, equipping the house with small appliances such as juicers, toasters, kettles, but also universal adapters for sockets.
  3. Organize spaces in a practical and functional way: to give guests a comfortable experience, it is important to carefully evaluate the division of spaces and the arrangement of furniture. For example, an area with a desk to work on the PC or a wardrobe and a counter where to make quick snacks, are very appreciated precautions and absolutely to be foreseen.

Want to Buy a House? All You Need to Do Before Buying

The dream and goal of many Italians is to buy a house , an important step that must be taken with great caution. Extreme care must be taken before embarking on a major financial investment and therefore it is essential to carefully evaluate the apartment before buying it .

In short, before taking on the mortgage, it is essential to understand if you are buying the right house for you and for your needs. Let’s see all the aspects to check before proceeding with the purchase.

It is important to understand if the person in front of us is the real owner of the property or an attorney with a regular mandate. In any case, it is good to inquire if they have the right to sell the house and if the owner is under a community property regime. This eventuality deserves further investigation because we must be sure that the spouse is consenting to the sale.

In the case of a purchase by a company, we must make sure that it is not bankrupt and that therefore there are no seizures on the property.

Verification of documents
Once we have ascertained the legitimacy of the owner, it is important to understand how he came into possession of the house. For this we must request documents that testify to the acquisition of the property.

This is essential in the event of a donation or succession, each heir has ten years to contest the division of the inheritance if he deems it unfair.

Another important aspect to check is the mortgage situation. Usually this check is carried out by the notary. Usually you go to the land registry where it is noted if there are mortgages or foreclosures on the house.