Want to Buy a House? All You Need to Do Before Buying

By | September 15, 2020

The dream and goal of many Italians is to buy a house , an important step that must be taken with great caution. Extreme care must be taken before embarking on a major financial investment and therefore it is essential to carefully evaluate the apartment before buying it .

In short, before taking on the mortgage, it is essential to understand if you are buying the right house for you and for your needs. Let’s see all the aspects to check before proceeding with the purchase.

It is important to understand if the person in front of us is the real owner of the property or an attorney with a regular mandate. In any case, it is good to inquire if they have the right to sell the house and if the owner is under a community property regime. This eventuality deserves further investigation because we must be sure that the spouse is consenting to the sale.

In the case of a purchase by a company, we must make sure that it is not bankrupt and that therefore there are no seizures on the property.

Verification of documents
Once we have ascertained the legitimacy of the owner, it is important to understand how he came into possession of the house. For this we must request documents that testify to the acquisition of the property.

This is essential in the event of a donation or succession, each heir has ten years to contest the division of the inheritance if he deems it unfair.

Another important aspect to check is the mortgage situation. Usually this check is carried out by the notary. Usually you go to the land registry where it is noted if there are mortgages or foreclosures on the house.

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